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Increasing Quality Resources

Gold Pegs Ryan 190Gold Peg is continuing our focus on quality assurance. We have employed Ryan Watkins to further concentrate our focus in this area.

Ryan is a Mechanical Engineer and comes from the heating design field so brings a great set of skills to this role.

Ryan is from Wales so Gold Peg continues to grow our multinational workplace. 

Gold Pegs International Intern -Joelle SeligContinuing on from our undergrad Engineering program started in 2011,
Gold Peg have branched into nurturing the next generation of
International business people taking in German business intern Joelle Selig until April 2015.

You may see Joelle’s emails pop up assisting in market support.

Joelle seems to have taken well to the locals – Joelle is pictured with a Australian King prawn that was thoroughly enjoyed. 

December 2nd, 2014|