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Japan Workshop Cooking Flexibility


Gold Peg worskhop in Japan_190SMX /
Sumitomo Shoji Machinex hosted a 2 great workshops including presentations, discussion panels and Gold Peg equipment demonstrations.

The flexibility
of the RotaTherm® Continuous Cooker was explored with respect to a range of standard and specialist products through the use of the MircaTherm.

The RotaTherm® has flexible processing conditions that can
be set, and saved, to achieve the optimal outcome for each and every
formulation – for cheese products including imitation processed cheese, analogue processed
cheese as well as many non cheese applications such as sauces, flour pastes, blends, industrial ingredients.
Read more about how the RotaTherm® works!

Thank you to the visitors from 10 companies who made it
to SMX/Sumitomo’s trial site!
We hope you found it enjoyable and

December 11th, 2014|