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Key Numbers

Key Numbers

Check out the key numbers that prove our unique systems can help your business evolve.

156 hrs

156 hours (6.5 days)

Non-stop production ability available

  • One wash per week
  • Maximising production time
  • Minimising waste and ingredients

145 °C

145 °C heating

In a single step or to any temperature from 40 °C

  • Efficient energy use
  • Lower capital investment
  • Accurate temperature control

20 sec

20 seconds

To evenly heat all product

  • Efficient use of time
  • Efficient use of energy
  • Efficient use of ingredients
  • Increased bacteriological product safety

1 wash

1 wash per week option

Depending on plant operation

  • Reduces chemical costs
  • Reduces wear and tear on machinery
  • Reduces product waste
  • Maximises productivity


150 systems operating globally

Operating at R&D rates (150 kg/h) through to 14,000 kg/h

  • 20 different countries

17,000 kg/h

17,000 kg/h production possible from one cooker

Configurations operating from 50 – 17,000 kg/h

  • RotaTherm® has a turn down of 4:1 e.g. operating range of 500 – 2000 kg/h
  • Heating energy is matched to the production rate

25 mm

25 mm particles can be processed

Maintain particulate integrity (shape) or make homogenous (smooth) product

  • Flexibility means one cooker can process chucky and smooth products
  • Set conditions for each recipe

1 step

1 step heating to UHT (145°C)

In one cooker (not two stages)

  • Superior technology
  • Less processing time
  • Efficient capital investment


7% yield increase capability

Increasing your output from the same ingredients

  • Fast, even processing
  • Direct Steam Injection cooking technology captures water in product matrix


30% improvement in productivity

From multiple design and operational features

  • Efficient use of heating energy (culinary steam is directly injected in the product)
  • Automation
  • Long runs (increased production time)
  • 10% reduction in ingredients


10% reduction in ingredients costs

From efficient heating and consistent processing

  • Start on product (not water) so pack off more (less waste)
  • Even heating and processing leads efficient, and predictable ingredient usage
  • Ability to pause for long periods without ruining product
  • Fine tune settings to refine process and improve quality and use of expensive ingredients


1/2 a person

Required to operate a system

  • Highly automated systems
  • Consistent process and consistent product
  • Open for other duties


1988 the year Gold Peg started

Liberating companies from the confines and inefficiencies of batch

  • Operating internationally from the start
  • Japan and USA were Gold Peg’s first major markets
  • 150 Gold Peg continuous cookers operating

1 focus

1 area of specialisation for Gold Peg

Continuous cooking using Direct Steam Injection

  • We believe where the volumes warrant, or quality is valued, continuous cooking delivers the most efficient process with the highest quality product
  • Gold Peg’s advanced Direct Steam Injection technology elevates your results


5 trial systems globally

Access to leading Gold Peg technology around the globe

  • Trials performed with your ingredients
  • Operated by experienced team
  • Opportunity for sighter trials


20 countries serviced and counting

Experienced global clients and network

  • Continuous cooking systems since 1988
  • Regional and remote support


2-4° lower UHT (ultra high temperature)

Achieve bacteriological safety at lower temperatures

  • Less energy
  • Improved productivity
  • Product safety