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What can Gold Peg's
innovative food processing
solutions do for you?

Gold Peg provides innovative and world-leading solutions for a wide range of food and cooking applications. Whether you need a single machine or a complex integrated system, Gold Peg will deliver the right solution for you.

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A better way to process food

At Gold Peg, we design and manufacture a range of purpose designed industrial food processing equipment to the highest standard. Ancillary equipment is available as stand-alone units or integrated into a complete food processing line with RotaTherm® at its core.

Discover what our diverse series of industrial food manufacturing equipment can do to improve your business.


RotaTherm® is the world's leading Direct Steam Injection Continuous Cooking System. Trust RotaTherm® to deliver your business improved food quality, longer production runs and greater efficiency.


Gold Peg's innovative GPiCS cooker stretcher is designed specifically for sensitive products like mozzarella. The patented system offers precise temperature control and requires no bath cook water.

Hygeinic belt conveyer

Enhance your production system with this specially designed conveyor belt. With its open-sided design, this heavy duty belt is easy to clean and can be tailored for your production line.

Feed Systems

Made to match the viscosity and sensitivity of your product, our efficient feed systems enable efficient and reliable consistent flow of product throughout your system.

Cooling systems

Featuring continuous vacuum 'flash' and indirect cooling, we establish the best solution to bring your product to fill temperature.


Available as part of a system or as standalones, these customisable high-capacity grinders are capable of grinding 12,000kg of product an hour.

Achieve world-class performance, improved efficiencies, and consistent high quality with Gold Peg.

Are Gold Peg's solutions right for your company?

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