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GPiCS Mozzarella
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Designed with the sensitive nature of mozzarella products in mind, the GPiCS uses an innovative direct steam injection (DSI) system that maximises production and minimises effluent, resulting in a cleaner, more consistent and higher quality product.

  • No bath cook water
  • Easy ingredient addition
  • Minimal operator requirement

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The GPiCS difference

Specially designed by Gold Peg for the sensitive nature of mozzarella and pasta filata, GPiCS delivers results: unmatched efficiency, precision and taste, all while saving money and significantly reducing waste. Experience the GPiCS difference today.

  • Innovative direct steam injection system that eliminates bath cook water and efficiently cooks and heats your product
  • Low-pressure steam injection reduces strain on sensitive cheese varieties, minimising losses and waste
  • The ability to add ingredients to the product stream inline, offering you greater flexibility and opportunities
  • Faster CIP (clean-in-place) means less downtime and more time making product!
  • Closed system results in a cleaner product, free from contamination or foreign matter

No bath cook water

Gold Peg understands that time is money. By cutting bath water out of the production process and introducing efficient Direct Steam Injection technology, product is made quicker with less energy.

GPiCS eliminates the need to reprocess or dispose of cook water, freeing up time, resources and money!

Natural mozzarella

Natural mozzarella made using 'wet' production systems results in a lot of waste and creates reprocessing needs. Your cheese making business can do better!
Choose a system that eliminates bath cook water and continuously delivers quality mozzarella product - choose GPiCS.

Pasta filata

Gold Peg's innovative cooking and stretching system allows your business to produce pasta filata which tastes the way pasta filata should!
Make the switch to a continuous cooking system that delivers great product, requires less downtime and improves your productivity.

String cheese

The GPiCS' innovative Direct Steam Injection cooking method is gentler, which is especially necessary for sensitive cheese curd products like string cheese.
Make the change today and start producing high quality string cheese with the desired 'stringy' texture.

Designed by a highly skilled food production and engineering team, the RotaTherm® combines what food engineers and factory managers value. Find out how the RotaTherm® can improve your food production today.

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