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Meet Gold Peg’s Managing Director in Dubai at Gulfood Manufacturing 2017!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Gold Peg is thrilled to announce that its Managing Director Simon Donnelly is heading to Dubai at the end of the month to attend the Gulfood Manufacturing show.

This is your opportunity to book in a meeting with Simon and learn how Gold Peg’s world-class food manufacturing equipment can help your production line! 

Simon is already in demand during these three action-packed days in Dubai – so if you would like to meet with him, please contact us today to book a time!

Who’s joining Gold Peg at Gulfood?

Gold Peg’s Simon will be joined by one of Hochland Natec’s leading Technical Sales Managers, Horst Fischer. 

This collaboration comes six months after Gold Peg and Natec announced they had joined forces under the Hochland Group umbrella.

This year, we are also pleased to announce that a specialist from Blendhub will also be joining us. Blendhub will be presenting an exciting new concept for analogue SOS (slice-on-slice) processed cheese application with us. 

We want to meet you!

Gold Peg has growing interest from the MENA region for its RotaTherm®, the world’s leading continuous cooking system.

What food do you manufacture?

This is one of the first questions we need an answer to. Do you produce processed cheese, tomato sauce (ketchup), mayonnaise, mozzarella / pizza cheese, meat products, baby food, pet food,  fruit purees, soups, sauces of any type, hummus or dips? Then you should meet us.

Processed cheese and sauces

Here are some product examples, but tell us about your product!

Our purpose-built equipment is designed to improve your production line through:

  • Continuous non-stop runs that help boost productivity
  • Effective ingredients usage which stretches every dollar further
  • Minimal downtime which means you can spend more time producing and less time cleaning

What is your production rate?

Specifically designed for production plants that produce high volumes of product, Gold Peg’s innovative equipment offers 156 hours (that’s six-and-a-half days!) of non-stop food production. If you want to maximise production and reduce downtime, we would love to chat.

Don’t let the high volumes and long non-stop production runs scare you off – swing past our stand and tell us about your product, its production rate (kg/h) and production shift set up of your business and we’ll help you out with options!

Or tell us now to get us thinking about your project!

About Gulfood Manufacturing

Gulfood Manufacturing is a forward-focused exhibition, representing the exciting future of food production and manufacturing.

Sharing the sentiment of forward-thinking, Gold Peg’s wants to hear from food manufacturers like you to help resolve your production challenges or drawbacks and help you drastically improve your process with innovative solutions.

Are you visiting Gulfood this year? You’ve got a lot to look forward to!

  • Opportunity to meet with more than 1600 global companies
  • Discover how you can improve your production line and end product
  • Experience the power and thrill of innovation and technological developments
  • Meet the brains behind some of the world’s most reputable manufacturing companies
  • Network with like-minded individuals focused on the exciting future of food processing and production!

Register for Gulfood today

More than 32,000 manufacturers from 160 countries attended the show last year, so you must register in advance!

Register online (FREE entry) to enjoy fast-tracked priority when you arrive at the show. Click here to start your registration.

Want to book in a meeting with Simon, the MD? Contact us now!

Preparing for the show

If you are interested in a chat with Simon during the show, we encourage you to make contact with Gold Peg prior to the show to ensure we can have a more meaningful discussion when meeting!

Opening times

  • Tuesday, 31st October: 10am-6pm
  • Wednesday 1st November: 10am-6pm
  • Thursday 2nd November: 10am-5pm


Spanning over 80,000sqm, you’ve got a lot of ground to cover! Be sure to visit Gold Peg; our booth is located in Hall 4, Stand D2 – 47.

The show takes place at the Dubai World Trade Centre. See you there!


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Meet Gold Peg’s Managing Director in Dubai at Gulfood Manufacturing 2017!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Gold Peg is thrilled to announce that its Managing Director Simon Donnelly is heading to Dubai at the end of the month to attend the Gulfood Manufacturing show. more

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