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Unleash the power of longer run times (and less cleaning!) with Gold Peg

An integral player in the food industry process, Gold Peg designs solutions and distributes equipment that allows many types of food manufacturers to improve their process. Gold Peg does this by creating equipment that not only produces a better quality product, but also optimises time and ingredient usage, and more.

One key feature of Gold Peg’s equipment that hooks food manufacturers globally is the tremendously long run-times that enable more continuous production of a wide variety of food products. We explore the advantages of long run times below.

Gold Peg's Twin long run RotaTherms

The key is continuous

Many alternative cookers cannot offer the exceptionally long run times that Gold Peg’s RotaTherm® cooker offers. With Gold Peg technology, your site can benefit from up to 156 hours of non-stop production (that’s roughly six-and-a-half days – continuously!)

An optimal process at a high production rate for many hours across hundreds of different foods and recipes means that the RotaTherm® could become the most important piece in your food production line. Food manufacturers all over the world choose Gold Peg equipment for its immense flexibility, unwavering product consistency and quality, and extensive run times.

Benefits of fewer stops during production

  • Through longer runs, you’re eliminating time wasted stopping production. These stops can result in dozens of lost hours, reducing productivity.
  • With fewer stops, you can achieve a higher production rate to meet consumer and industry demands. Many of our global customers have great demand (with production rates of around 10,000 kg an hour). The RotaTherm® satisfies this demand.
  • Less time spent stopping production for cleaning means less non-productive labour hours, reduced product waste, lower cleaning cost and reduced ‘wear and tear’ on equipment.
  • With ‘fewer stops’ continuous production, you’re reducing the risk of an inconsistent end product. This means your product retains its high quality for consumers, resulting in fewer customer complaints and higher customer satisfaction. A consistent long run and streamlined production process – with fewer interruptions – ensures consistency.

Continuous cooking stabilises consistency

As touched on in the final item listed above, continuous cooking – through an improved production process – ultimately delivers a better end product.

Through continuous cooking and longer run times, you’re eliminating unproductive stop-and-starts otherwise required to clean the equipment, load ingredients, prepare blends, or wait for downstream equipment (which performs better with a consistent product). As a result, your end product is far more consistent, as it’s manufactured through a more stable and steady process.

Gold Peg's Twin long run RotaTherms

Longer run times can help to improve your ROI

ROI in food production can be split into a multitude of benefits.

Better ROI is achieved through continuous cooking solutions. By improving your process, you can:

  • Expose your product to the same optimised process
  • Improve your end product
  • Optimise and predict ingredient usage
  • Reduce product waste
  • Use efficient and even Direct Steam Injection (DSI) heating

One wash per week is all that can be needed with Gold Peg’s equipment. Compare that to other continuous cooking equipment which might require up to one wash per day, or even a clean every few hours!

Those lost hours stopping production and cleaning affects your productivity, hindering the ROI benefits you could be seeing with a system that offers longer runs while simultaneously requiring fewer cleans.

We’ll be exploring ROI in more detail in an upcoming blog post, so stay tuned!


Is Gold Peg right for you?

The benefits associated with long runs that we have described above are just some of the exciting features why food manufactures choose Gold Peg. Could Gold Peg be right for you, too?

Find out in just a few clicks by answering our simple continuous cooking questions! If the result determines Gold Peg is right for you, please be in touch!

December 20th, 2016|