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Why Move To Continuous Cooking?

why move to continuous cooking system

There’s a fog that hangs around continuous cooking, namely that it is too difficult, too time consuming, or too expensive to make the move from batch. But where batch cooking falls short, continuous cooking infuses your process with the efficiency, quality and consistency you need – continuously!

When it comes to production and end product, the distinction between batch and continuous is quite remarkable. Continuous cooking excels where batch cannot, when it comes to:

  • Consistent higher quality
  • Improved consistent product flavour freshness and cleanness
  • Fast even heating
  • Efficient and predictable ingredients usage
  • Long, continuous runs
  • Accurate control over processing conditions (not just on temperature) for each recipe
  • Fewer wash ups

The difference between price and the concept of ‘cost’ is where continuous cooking systems really shine. Upfront price is often a deciding factor when it comes to the purchase decision, but the long-term ‘cost’ is where end users like you can indeed realise the true value behind a more efficient and higher quality system.

Read on to discover how Gold Peg’s continuous cooking system excels far beyond batch.

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    Increased productivity

    How? Because more hours are spent producing and less hours are spent with a system that has stopped for cleaning or maintenance, or is simply doing nothing!

    Additionally, this means less cleaning chemicals and better use of labour.

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    A more consistent process

    All product – week in, week out – gets the same treatment. It’s really as straightforward as that. This same treatment equals a consistent product, which improves the downstream filling (including reduced overfill), market reputation, and ingredients use.

    In batch cooking, inconsistencies occur because product in a batch gets uneven heat treatment. Often those using batch do not know that their product is made through an inconsistent process!

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    A more effective process

    This means that you will only be using the required amounts of ingredients needed in your recipes. Ingredients expenses can be cut back; remove the need for higher levels that would normally cover for uneven or ineffective processing.

    This leads to higher quality, fresher tasting product made with a cheaper ingredients cost!

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    Big savings

    A more efficient cooking process means energy usage is improved and less ingredients are used!

    Further, a more consistent and higher quality product means there’s less product rejection, reducing overall waste. Reduced wash ups and faster start-ups and shutdowns all contribute to overall energy, ingredient, waste, time and cost savings.

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    Better quality product (and yield)

    Relatively unacknowledged is that batch cookers and kettles produce inconsistent product, often marked with burnt or scorched particle. Uneven heating delivers an inconsistent process, which doesn't give the product a chance.

    What’s worse is when this inferior product (with fluctuating quality) is packed off and sold, undermining the product’s credibility in the market and driving customer complaints.

    During cooking, the moisture from Direct Steam Injection (DSI) is captured in the product matrix increasing your yield by up to 7% so 100 kg of formulation can become 107 kg of product (depending on the product).

    Fast effective heat treatment minimises the impact of heating. Your fresher and less processed product leads to:

    • Improved reputation
    • Increased repurchase leads
    • Boosted market share
    • Further market opportunities
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    FAST, efficient heating

    We’re talking around 20 seconds to reach uniform temperature, compared to up to 40 minutes with a batch cooker!

    Even and fast heating results in optimal heated product rather than a product with over and undercooked parts that reduce the quality. Finely tuned settings means the process can be adjusted for each product. This means improved quality from the same ingredients and/or ingredients saving. Additionally, this is achieved by using less heating energy.

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