The Network

The Network

The Natec Network

The Natec Network is the powerful result of joining two complementary food technology supplier businesses:

  • Gold Peg for cooking and processing
  • Hochland Natec for filling and forming

This one network can optimise your vision, through:

  • Deeper experience, product and technology knowledge base
  • Multiple global R&D centres for you to use
  • One contact point for a complete line through the entire process
  • Global services including 3 major global spare parts hubs
  • A dedicated internal R&D program, to ensure our technology continues to evolve for you

Regardless of your company’s situation and your chosen path to success, the Natec Network will support you with technology and know-how tailored to your requirements. Working with our network of companies brings you, the food producer, a cooperative, inspired and reliable key partner to achieve the sustainable value creation you need.

Natec Network bridges the gap between people and technology.