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New Compact Food Production system

Gold Peg new generation compact Production RotaThermDo you make baby food, cooking / simmer sauces, table sauces, chunky sauces, processed cheese varieties, fruit and vegetable purees, pet food or meat preparations? Well consider the fresher cleaner mouth feel the RotaTherm’s faster, more efficient specific processing could give your product.

Compact Food Production skid

Gold Peg’s compact production RotaTherm® continuous cooking system takes the form of a small skid featuring a RotaTherm® cooker for even fast heating and vacuum ‘flash’ for cooling. It’s popular with global food manufacturers who choose the RotaTherm® for the superior end product quality; fast even processing; and productivity improvements. 

Gold Peg new generation-compact Production RotaThermFood product the way you want it

The processing levers of the RotaTherm® can be adjusted and accurately controlled to achieve a physically gentle process that maintains the shape of the particles for attractive presentation for the likes of baby food, chunky sauces etc. Or the process can be set to shear to produce a homogeneous smooth end product – pureed vegetables, processed cheese etc.

Multiple product varieties

Quick product changeover procedures allow multiple products to be efficiently produced in a continuous manner with a RotaTherm® that suits your product rates.

Gold Peg Long Run Twin RotaTherm Recipe control

Control is via a touch control screen which can be provided on the skid or as suits you. Processing conditions for each recipe are established and can be saved for easy automatic operation.

Tell me about your food product and let’s see if direct steam injection continuous cooking is for you! (You won’t really know unless you ask….) 

Cheers, Paula

May 13th, 2014|