2005 November

2005 November

November 2005 Edition

Federal Court Judgement: Nov 11th 2005

We are pleased to announce a positive outcome to the recent court proceedings against Kovan Engineering.

Regarding the RotaTherm® Continuous Cooker and its parts, the Federal Court of Australia has made its judgement, which finds in favour of Gold Peg International with respect to copyright ownership and sole manufacturing / authorisation / marketing rights.

GoldPeg's copyright is enforceable and actionable in the country of infringement.

The court also found that Kovan and its representative had engaged in deceptive and misleading practices under the terms of the trade practices act.

The impact for customers is that spares and RotaTherms are only available through GoldPeg or our network of authorised representatives:

We would like to thank everyone for their patience during this protracted issue and wish to reinforce our commitment to our current and future clients.

If you would like further details of the judgement, please contact Paula Bell

If you would like authorised spare parts for your cooker, please contact Simon Donnelly

No 2 Demonstration RotaTherm® system

The RotaTherm® demonstration skid has been in constant operation globally since its inception.

As a result of the strong interest & high demand for trials on the RotaTherm®, GoldPeg are moving forward with a second trial system to be based in North America with Scan America Corporation (SAC).

The North American RotaTherm® Demonstration system is based around a 10 jet RotaTherm® Continuous Cooker.

Please contact Tony Jacobsen of SAC, Bob Lancaster of Intertek or Paula Bell to register your interest.

In-Line Disintegrator

The GoldPeg In-line Disintegrator has been designed to reduce the particle size of processed cheese blend prior to cooking. The principle of the equipment is based on a shear pump and milling machine, with a significantly larger capacity than those commercially available. Design considerations included throughput, viscosity, pressure and curd particle size, with the aim of optimising your production benefits.

The In-Line Disintegrator delivers the following benefits:

  • Lower formulation cost
  • Lower standard deviation in finished product weight
  • Increased product quality
  • Reduced capital cost against increasing grinder capacity

For further information please contact Alastair Sorley

Gold Peg Website

The GoldPeg website, www.goldpeg.com is in the process of having a spruce up. Updated and new information will be available shortly, so please have a visit. Remember the GoldPeg equipment profiles and news items appear on our website too at www.goldpeg.com

Any input concerning our newsletter and website please contact Paula Bell

Holiday closing dates

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in 2005, and to wish you continued success in 2006.

Our office will be closing from Friday 23rd December 2005 at 12.00 noon and will reopen on Monday 9th January 2006.

Although our office will be closed we will still be able to provide support & response to your queries throughout this period.

Please email:

Alastair Sorley: alastair.sorley@goldpeg.com or

Simon Donnelly: simon.donnelly@goldpeg.com

For any operational emergencies please call Alastair Sorley: mobile (+61) 0438 591 118