2006 December

2006 December

BenchTop RotaTherm ®

The BenchTop RotaTherm® Continuous Cooking system is a single skid that forward feeds, cooks, with various options for cooling setups - using flash de-aeration and indirect or in combination.

The BenchTop RotaTherm® delivers a throughput range of 50-150kg/hr, a cook temperature range of 20 - 145°C, with vacuum or indirect cooling to 60°C.

The system is fully self contained and fitted with castor wheels, and is sized for ease of movement.

Please contact Paula Bell if you require further information.

Foodtech Packtech NZ Oct 2006

We'd like to thank all those who visited us on the FPE stand at Foodtech in Auckland New Zealand in Oct 06.

We'd also like to extend congratulations to FPE, our Australasian agent, for their outstanding effort in creating a stunning, professional stand with such a welcoming atmosphere.

Please contact Paula Bell if you require further information.

NEW Cooling Options

The RotaTherm® continuous cooking system is now available with the option of vacuum cooling, indirect cooling or a combination of both.

The new indirect cooling is pictured.

The appropriate cooling mechanism for your process is incorporated into the RotaTherm®system.

For further information on the cooling options for your RotaTherm please contact Shane Enayati

RotaTherm® Design Concept

The RotaTherm® Continuous Cooker system was designed by Bob Smith (the Gold Peg founder) to improve on existing technologies such as:

  • Scraped surface heat exchanger systems
  • Batch Kettles
  • Single screw lay down batch cookers
  • Double screw batch cookers
  • Commercial continuous and batch direct steam injection processed cheese cookers (and other in house direct steam injection continuous cookers)
  • Tube in tube continuous heat exchanger systems and
  • Retorts

We aim, through the RotaTherm® Continuous Cooking, to provide industry with processing benefits and advantages including:

  • No product burn-on
  • Long run ability
  • Density control
  • Pause capability
  • Consistent high quality product
  • Viscosity management
  • Higher yields and more.

Please contact Paula Bell if you require further information on the RotaTherm Continuous Cooking System.

FoodSolutions Expo Australia Nov 2006

Food Solutions was a one-day wonder! It was great to see familiar faces and a pleasure to make new contacts. Thank you all for your time at the Gold Peg stand at Food Solutions in Werribee, Vic, Australia in Nov 06.

Please contact Paula Bell if you require further information.

Accurate Temperature Reading

GoldPeg™ Reciprocating Temperature

The GoldPeg reciprocating temperature probe enables the accurate temperature measurement of difficult products and is ideal for long production runs.

The temperature probe can be retro fit by mounting in pipe spools or on disc for use in pipes, batch cookers and vessels.

Please contact Paula Bell if you require further information.

Authorized Spare Parts

Gold Peg International is the only manufacturer of authorized spare parts for the RotaTherm® Continuous Cooking system globally.

As the RotaTherm designers, the GoldPeg spares are purpose built for the intended duty.

For spare parts for your RotaTherm cooking system please contact: Scan American Corporation (in USA), Berief Innovativ (in Europe): or GoldPeg's Mili Seng

Holiday Closing Dates

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and interest in 2006, and to wish you continued success in 2007.

Our office will be closing from Friday 22nd December 2006 at 12.00 noon and will reopen on Monday 8th January 2007.

Although our office will be closed we will still be able to provide support & response to your queries throughout this period.

Please email:
Alastair Sorley: alastair.sorley@goldpeg.com
Simon Donnelly: simon.donnelly@goldpeg.com

For any operational emergencies please call Alastair Sorley on his mobile. Australian callers 0438 591 118, International callers +61 438 591 118