2006 June

2006 June

Golden GoldPeg Milestone

GoldPeg are proud to announce flying through the golden 50 mark.

There are now over 50 RotaTherm® Continuous Cooking Systems operating globally.

Keep your eyes open for the commemorative RotaTherm® symbol shown here.

NEW North American Demonstration System

The new Demonstration RotaTherm Continuous Cooking System for North America has arrived at Scan American Corporation’s test facility in Kansas City, Missouri.

The system is capable of demonstrating a broad range of product applications.

A 10 jet RotaTherm® Continuous Cooker is central to the North American demonstration system.

Please contact Tony Jacobsen of SAC, or for cheese contact Bob Lancaster of Intertek to register your interest.

NEW Mechanical Seals Available

New Mechanical Seals are available for the RotaTherm® Continuous Cooker.

The new seals are designed for UHT and high-pressure use, and feature a pin driven seal assembly.

The new seals offer increased seal reliability at higher pressures and these will become standard in all future RotaTherm Continuous Cooking System.

If you are interested in a new seal for your existing RotaTherm Cooker please contact Simon Donnelly

In-Line Disintegrator - Demonstration Unit

A demonstration unit of the GoldPeg In-line Disintegrator is available.

The In-line disintegrator has been designed to reduce the particle size of processed cheese blend / ingredients prior to cooking.

It is a far more economical option than purchasing a second grinder to meet higher throughput rates required from your cheese line.

For further information please contact Alastair Sorley

NEW RotaTherm Trial System for Europe

GoldPeg exhibited at Anuga FoodTec, Germany, with Berief Innovativ.

Berief hosted a great stand that featured the new JR RotaTherm® Continuous Cooker.

GoldPeg is continuing to build on its commitment to sales in Europe, by moving forward with a RotaTherm® trial system to be based in Germany with Berief Innovativ.

For European enquiries please contact Uwe Seidel of Berief.

NEW JRX RotaTherm launched at Anuga FoodTec 2006

The JR RotaTherm® is a 6-jet direct steam injection continuous cooker. It was launched at Anuga FoodTec in April 2006.

The JRX RotaTherm system displayed at Anuga FoodTec was purchased by Jeneil Biotech USA, for R&D purposes.

The “X” model indicates extended run times & increased automation.

For further information on the JR RotaTherm please contact Paula Bell

Authorized Spare Parts

Gold Peg International is the only manufacturer of authorized spare parts for the RotaTherm® Continuous Cooking system globally.

As the RotaTherm designers, the GoldPeg spares are purpose built for the intended duty.

For spare parts for your RotaTherm cooking system please contact: Scan American Corporation (in USA), Berief Innovativ (in Europe): or GoldPeg's Mili Seng

Demonstration Skid SOLD

The Demonstration Skid, with the ability to

  • Forward feed,
  • RotaTherm cook and
  • Vacuum flash cool

on one skid, has been SOLD.
GoldPeg have a demonstration RotaTherm system currently available in North America............ and another demo system is on the way!

Please contact GoldPeg to register your trial interest.

GoldPeg Website

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Any input concerning our newsletter and website please contact Paula Bell