2008 August

2008 August

Act on your interest in DSI Continuous Cooking!

It was great to see so many faces at Foodpro 08 in Sydney. Thanks for taking the time to visit us!

The diversity of your applications was fantastic as it explored the flexibility of the RotaTherm® Continuous Cooking system. Key applications discussed included pasta sauces, various meat preparations, egg, fruit processing along with a range of processed cheese.

Please contact Shane to set up a time to trial your product on the RotaTherm®.

(If you didn't make it to FoodPro 08 and you are interested in a trial, please contact Shane.)

'Dry' cook Natural Mozzarella notice...

Excellent progress has been made with the 'dry' natural Mozzarella RotaTherm® Continuous Cooking system.

After extensive R&D and years of development, GoldPeg have applied for patent protection in the USA and Canada for this new technology and accompanying process that brings significant benefits to this industry.

Please click here to view the PCT Publication WO 2006/026811, entitled "Method and apparatus to produce a pasta filata cheese". This entered the US national phase as U.S. application No. 11/662,116.

This newsletter insertion and link to the PCT Publication WO 2006/026811 provides notice of PCT Publication WO 2006/026811 and of Gold Peg International's provisional rights under 35 U.S.C § 154(d).

GoldPeg continues to undertake research and development with the support from the Australian Government through an AusIndustry grant and in co-operation with Food Science Australia.

Please contact Simon if you require any further information.

Is Accurate Temperature Measurement a problem for you?

The GoldPeg™ Reciprocating Temperature Probe delivers accurate temperature measurement over long runs, even with difficult products.

It enables food manufacturers to overcome troubles with sticky & tricky products that hamper measurement. It is self cleaning - using a reciprocating action to wipe the build up from the measurement surface.

It can be spool or disc mounted and is compatible with existing pipelines, batch cookers and vessels. The GoldPeg™ Reciprocating Temperature Probe is USDA approved design.

Please drop Paula a line if you're interested or have any questions

Interested in equipment with Accurate Control?

GoldPeg™ equipment has a sophisticated control system that delivers accuracy to your production. Accurate control means efficient use of energy, ingredients and food safety.

Our systems are supplied with improved HMI Graphics and presentation, and are available in a variety of controls systems.

Chris Lee (pictured) is our new Technical Officer who specializes in control philosophy and programming.

Please drop Shane a note if you have any questions.