2013 April

2013 April

April 2013 Edition

2013 is off and raced away....4 months in and Gold Peg is really excited and busy about the wide range of projects we've been entrusted to bring to fruition....

Aseptic processing with RotaTherm®

Produces high quality, textured & shelf stable products...read more

Talk RotaTherm® at Wisconsin Cheese conference 17th April 2013

....click for details of all upcoming trade show

Did you know the RotaTherm® can cook to UHT in one step?

Actually the same cooker can Pasteurise and UHT.....read more

Cool it! ...Gold Peg offer continuous cooling options

Indirect and direct cooling combinations deliver cooling ideal for the product...read more

Sweet Chili sauce! Sounds good?

Learn about the sweet chili sauce RotaTherm® continuous cooking production system

Continuous paddle to prevent Youth Suicide

Gold Peg's sponsorship leads to bigger fish for the solo paddler in his quest to raise awareness to prevent Youth Suicide...read more

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.
Cheers, Paula

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