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Quality Industrial Food Processing Equipment

You don’t have to look to Europe to discover high-quality and innovative food processing equipment!

Gold Peg’s industrial food processing equipment improves not only your production process, but also creates a more consistent and high-quality end product.

We make our equipment ourselves in Melbourne, Australia. Today, the entire process, including taking stainless steel and making a fully programmed automated system, is performed under our one roof.

And we stand by the quality and longevity of our equipment: original Gold Peg systems, which are up to 30 years old, are still in full production! 

We have built our reputation all over the world as experts in Direct Steam Injection food processing equipment that improves industrial production of a wide range of applications.

Above all, our global service provides real solutions that will improve your processing line.

Food Processing Equipment

Quality Industrial Food Processing Equipment

Our two core food processing systems are the RotaTherm® Continuous Cooker and the GPiCS Natural Mozzarella Cooker Stretcher. These two systems offer continuous process reliability, efficiency and consistency.

Our manufacturing facility is where design, manufacturing, automation, testing, and assembly are performed. The facility is ASSDA accredited, and our global distribution network means our quality equipment, plus our entire team’s expert knowledge, can reach all corners of the globe.

Also, we supply additional food processing equipment that can be integrated into a complete turnkey processing solution, including:

  • Blending and mixing systems
  • Feed systems
  • Temperature probes
  • Cooling systems
  • Grinders
  • And more!

Food Manufacturing Equipment

Quality Industrial Food Manufacturing Equipment

Gold Peg’s food manufacturing equipment surpasses others in terms of quality and durability, enhanced by:

  • Quality control, as all areas of production are under the one roof
  • A united team, as all areas – including design, engineering, manufacturing, and programming – can consult
  • Expert knowledge as our team have broad industry knowledge driving efficient design
  • Commitment to constant innovation and development
  • A nimble company that is able to respond and evolve
  • 30 years of working with leading global companies
  • Repeat and multiple orders from international food manufacturing companies focused on quality, efficiency, and productivity... that is, focused on making every second count!

In food production every second counts...

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