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Extended vacuum cooling range

Sizes available for 50kgHr through to 12,000kgHr.

Gold Peg's High production Vacuum Cooling - 12,000kgHrDifferent products require different treatment and we have expanded our range of vacuum ‘flash’ cooling options to provide the best solution to each product’s particular requirements. High or low throughput, high or low vacuum duty, gentle or explosive impact…we have vacuum cooling and de-aeration options that cover a broad range of products’ requirements.

Look below for a glimpse of Gold Peg’s range of high quality vacuum cooling and de-aeration systems in stainless steel and polypropylene.

Tell me about your product and let’s see if Vacuum COOLING is for you.

Some details –
Vacuum cooling cools your product down instantaneously and
precisely to a set point. At the same time, the vacuum cooling process
extracts air caught in the product (De-aerating). This provides benefit through producing a product with consistent density that allows very accurate fill capabilities.

Also removing air from the product minimizes oxidization which improves product safety, increasing shelf life and improving colour stability.

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Aseptic Vacuum Cooling vessel - Gold Peg50kgHr stainless steel vacuum cooling de-aeration system from Gold PegChili sauce vacuum cooling de-aeration by Gold Peg

Processed cheese polypropylene Vacuum Cooling system from Gold PegVacuum cooling de-aeration system from Gold PegVacuum cooling de-aeration system from Gold Peg

High quality 50kgHr polypropylene vacuum cooling system from Gold PegVacuum Cooling De-aeration system by Gold Peg - plan viewStainless Steel vacuum cooling & de-aeration by Gold Peg

October 21st, 2013|