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Frequently Asked Questions

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1Can the RotaTherm® cook over 100°C?Capability
2Conticooker definition?Definition
3How do I subscribe to your newsletter?Company
4How does Caseus Pro™ help us to identify cost saving ingredients?CaseusPro
5How does the RotaTherm® cook over 100°C?Explanation
6How is the GPiCS Natural Mozzarella system cleaned?Explanation
7How is the RotaTherm® cleaned?Explanation
8How long into the trial can we start using Caseus Pro™ to formulate?CaseusPro
9How long until we see benefits from using Caseus Pro™?CaseusPro
10How many years has Gold Peg been in business?Company
11How quickly can we get Caseus Pro™ installed?CaseusPro
12Is it safe to inject steam directly into the product?Capability
13Is the RotaTherm® aseptic capable?Capability
14Is the RotaTherm® pasteurisation capable?Capability
15Is the RotaTherm® sterlization / UHT capable?Capability

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