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Videos - Processing Equipment & Food Applications

Here’s a glimpse of our truly state-of-the art equipment and its food applications.

Otherwise please view a selection on Gold Peg YouTube channel: goldpegs.

Full RotaTherm® Continuous Cooking & Processing Line

GPiCS - Gold Peg's Mozzarella Cooker Stretcher / Cooking equipment

GPiCS Cooker Stretcher Trial system in action

Equipment Videos



Cook and Process with RotaTherm®

Cool & De-aerate

Auger Hopper Feed System

Paddle Mixer Feed System

Cheese Grinder

Stage Surge Buffer

Bepex Grinder operating

Design and Build Videos

Design and manufacturing

RotaTherm® Continuous cooking assembly

Food Application Videos

Processed Cheese

IWS Processed Cheese

Cheese Spread

Cheese Sauce

Natural Mozzarella

Non-linked videos available on request

Natural Mozzarella production

Natural Mozzarella - high production rate

Mozzarella String Cheese fingers extruding

Mozzarella String Cheese fingers in brine

Analogue Mozzarella

Analogue Mozzarella