RotaTherm® – flexible Direct Steam Injection equipment that delivers

The world’s leading continuous cooking system

Rotathem Continuous Cooking

RotaTherm® Direct Steam Injection Continuous Cooking

A continuous cooking system, compared to batch cookers, offer a variety of features that ultimately allow you to produce a cleaner, higher quality product, to do so more efficiently, and to reduce waste and energy usage.

Direct steam injection cooking processes a higher volume of higher quality product in less time than a batch cooker. A batch cooker has a fixed volume whereas a continuous cooker has high turn down.

The RotaTherm® is the choice for global food processors and manufacturers, and its value is enhanced by the following key manufacturing features:

  • Non-stop production capability of up to 156 hours (or 6.5 days)
  • Flexible parameters to easily adjust cook temperature, heating profile, pressure, and cooling temperature
  • Fully enclosed hygienic system resulting in improved product safety
  • Full clean-in-place (CIP) system requires minimal intervention
  • The RotaTherm® is a continuous cooking system that produces a consistent and high-quality product, returns a positive investment and reduces and minimises wasted product, day after day.

Its flexible production parameters can be set to maintain particulate integrity (up to 25mm), create homogenous product, or balance ingredient utilisation and end results by establishing optimal set up.

It is capable of production rates from 50 to 17,000kg per hour, dependent on your specific production needs.

Decades of experience, plus a highly skilled and educated food production and engineering team, solidifies the Gold Peg team as world leaders in direct steam injection cooking.

Why RotaTherm® ?

Find out more about the RotaTherm® continuous cooker in these detailed pages.

how rotatherm works

Find out how the forward feed moves product through the system, how your product is heated, and how you can use the RotaTherm® control system to control and adjust the parameters of your cook.

rotatherm benefits

Non-stop production, highly efficient cooking, and reduced processing time all positively inject your business with greater efficiently, while simultaneously producing exceptional product quality.

rotatherm capabilities
  • Cook temperatures up to 145°C
  • Non-stop production capability of 156 hours
  • Flexible processing conditions