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Did you know the RotaTherm® can cook to UHT in one stage?

Pasteurise or UHT with the same RotaTherm®

Pasteurise or UHT with the same RotaTherm®One of the many benefits of the RotaTherm® Continuous cooker is that the one cooker can process products at Pasteurise or UHT without any additional equipment.

The single stage cooking will heat the product from ambient to UHT in a matter of 20 seconds. This provides significant flexibility to the manufacturer who can utilise the one system on a range of products and heat treatment profiles.

The standard system has multiple direct steam injectors and controls the heat profile throughout the cooking column, essentially creating zones within the continuous cooker to achieve the final temperature.

Recent developments have seen some customers leaning towards the single step UHT process, however we can also offer the more traditional two stage heating profile. Likewise the opportunity for long run operations can also be catered for.

Tell me about the product you want to UHT treat and the continuous run times you want.

April 10th, 2013|