RotaTherm® - direct steam injection Food Processing Systems



The RotaTherm® is the world’s leading Direct Steam Injection Continuous Cooking System.

Versatile processing set up for optimization

The RotaTherm® allows the heating and processing parameters to be set as each product/ recipe requires.

These include cooking temperature, direct steam injection heating profile, shear, pressure, mixing as well as various other settings – all with a precise level of control. Learn more about how it works.

Long runs

The RotaTherm® continuous cooking system can be operated continuously for up to 156 hours at a time. Learn about its many other benefits.


The RotaTherm® is used around the globe to cook and process a wide range of food products such as all processed cheese varieties (including high/low moisture), baby food, chunky sauces, purees, dips, pie fillers, taco meat, desserts, pet food and more.

Guidelines for RotaTherm® appropriate products

The RotaTherm® direct steam injection continuous cooker is suitable to process most product that:

is ‘pumpable’ through closed pipework
cooks in a single pass (- all ingredients are combined to create a single blend before cooking) and
has water in the formulation (or can accept moisture addition in the cooking phase).


The first RotaTherm® continuous cooker was trialled in the late 1980’s by its inventor, Robert ‘Bob’ Smith. Over the last two decades, we have continued to innovate and develop the performance of the RotaTherm® continuous cooker.

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