RotaTherm® - direct steam injection Food Processing Systems

Compact System

Compact System

The CUBE is a continuous cooking and cooling system for food production of rates up to 1000 kg/hr.

What is a CUBE Continuous cooking and cooling system?

The Cube combines the effective and efficient RotaTherm® continuous cooking technology with direct vacuum cooling, including the vacuum system, into one handy module.

It has a neat footprint with dimensions as small as 1.6m x 1.6m x 1.6m. This is how it got its name THE CUBE.

What can the RotaTherm® CUBE do?

This compact food production system delivers a solid production punch with throughput rates up to 1,000 kg/hr, a cooking temperature range up to 145°C and direct vacuum cooling down to 60°C.

The RotaTherm® CUBE gives you unique flexibility in production rates - including R&D opportunity, over a wide range of products, viscosities and processing parameters.

Unique abilities of control and results

The RotaTherm® Continuous cooking technology brings to the CUBE quick (approx 15-20 secs!) and even heating with adjustable processing conditions.

Instead of basic heating to achieve legal requirements, that can result in overheating and long processing, you can adjust the RotaTherm®'s continuous cooking and processing conditions specifically and appropriately for each product. This delivers you superior product quality with fresher, less processed, look and taste and superior ingredients usage.

Example of customizing the processing conditions

The CUBE's processing levers can be set to achieve a physically gentle process that maintains the shape of the particles for attractive presentation - chunky sauces. Or to deliver shear to produce a homogeneous smooth end product - pureed dips.

Different results are achieved by adjusting the accurate RotaTherm® levers including the heating profile, pressure in the cooking chamber and the amount of shear / mixing. Levers are also used to manage high and low product viscosities.

Formulation versatility with the CUBE

The RotaTherm® continuous cooker's processing versatility means it can produce a wide variety of superior food product such as baby food, chunky sauces, processed cheese varieties, vegetable purees, dips, pie fillers, pet food, meat preparations etc.... basically, food products that can pass through a pump and cook in a single pass.

Operating and sizing the CUBE

For ease of operations, established settings are entered via the touch screen, or saved as a recipe, to get the CUBE continuously cooking and cooling your product as you require.

The RotaTherm® Continuous cooking and cooling CUBE is available with various levels of automation.

We call it the CUBE but it doesn't have to be a cubic, we can make it to dimensions that suit you!

The RotaTherm® CUBE is supplied with the specifically designed Gold Peg™ control system which is available on a variety of PLC platforms and a steam management system (SMS).