RotaTherm® - direct steam injection Food Processing Systems



Aseptic processing with the RotaTherm

The Aseptic RotaTherm® Continuous Cooking System takes the effective and efficient RotaTherm® continuous cooking technology to the aseptic processing level for the production of shelf stable products.

  • Ability to process particulates (up to 25mm) and high viscosity products - through its flexible operating parameters.
  • Quickly heat the product from ambient to the required temperature in one step.
  • Totally enclosed hygienic cooking & processing system.
  • Steam barriers guaranteeing no ingress of un-sterilized air (where appropriate).
  • Sterilization at start up.
  • Bacteriological thermal destruction of spores at 10°C lower than other systems.
  • Includes Continuous Cooling - variations available.
  • Fully automated.

These enable the RotaTherm® to perform aseptic processing to produce consistent, high quality textured shelf stable products.