RotaTherm® - direct steam injection Food Processing Systems

Complete RotaTherm LINE

Complete RotaTherm LINE

Versatile Direct Steam Injection

Gold Peg's complete continuous cooking and processing line features the RotaTherm® continuous cooking technology complemented by Gold Peg's ancillary equipment modules and control system.

Can you see the RotaTherm® cooker in the complete processed cheese line pictured here?

What is a Complete Continuous food processing line?

The Complete RotaTherm® Continuous Food cooking and processing line takes your raw ingredients and cooks & processes them into a finished product ready for filling or packing.

High quality equipment hardware

The scope of the complete line varies depending on your food products' requirements. Generally, a Gold Peg complete food line will consist of a feed systemRotaTherm® continuous cooker and a cooling system.

Other equipment modules are incorporated as required to provide a complete line.

Complete Control

The quality equipment hardware of the Gold Peg complete line is further complemented by the specifically designed control system.

Gold Peg's complete food lines are provided with a control system that are designed in parallel with the equipment hardware.

The programming is done at the same location that the hardware is designed and manufactured. The same programmers who have been deeply involved and familiar with your project, generally come to your site for commissioning.

Complete line specifically for your product

Gold Peg's complete cooking and processing food lines are designed:

  • to deliver the processing requirements of your product
  • to meet your required level of automation
  • configured to your available space.

Effective complete line performance

A complete line incorporates all the capabilities of the RotaTherm® and rolls them together with suitable feeding and cooling systems.

Turn keys lines:

  • Available for the products suitable for RotaTherm® processing
  • Available with green "GO" automation
  • Requires minimal human resources
  • Available with recipe control
  • Totally enclosed cooking system efficiently producing finished product