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RotaTherm® - versatile Direct Steam Injection equipment that delivers

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Intelligently Designed Direct Steam Injection Continuous Cooker

RotaTherm® performance

Fast Heating

The RotaTherm® Direct Steam Injection Continuous Cooker can heat to your aim temperature in approximately 15-20 seconds.

Thorough & effective heat treatment

Once at the required temperature, your product can then be held precisely at the correct heat so that micro-organisms are eliminated in accordance with pasteurisation or sterilisation (UHT) procedures.

Long run times in hygienic enclosed system

Due to superior design, the RotaTherm® Continuous Cooker is able to operate continuously for 156 hours before full CIP. It can cook to temperatures over 100°C and, importantly, is a totally enclosed hygienic system. This means your product is not exposed to the environment once it has continuously fed into the cooker. The RotaTherm® is provided standard with a CIP system to clean the system on the few occasions you need to!

Here's how the RotaTherm® Continuous Cooker works

How Rotatherm Works - Forward Feed

Forward Feed:

The product is fed forward by the pressure created and controlled between the feed pump and the back pressure assembly. The fully enclosed high pressure cooking zone allows for cooking up to 145ºC. Go to the Interactive Brochure roll over the different stages.

How Rotatherm Works - Equipment

Fast Heating & Clean Product:

Steam is injected through proprietary non-burn jets. The steam is mechanically mixed and fused with the product by a speed-adjustable rotor - evenly heating your product in about 15 seconds.

How Rotatherm Works - Adjust Work

Control of  work / shear on product:

The RotaTherm®’s rotor mixes steam in to the product by breaking up ‘laminar flow’, creating ‘plug flow’ in the cooker, so that all of your product receives the same heat treatment. The rotor's variable speed allows you to fine-tune the amount of mechanical work/energy/shear on the product being cooked.

How Rotatherm Works - Flexible Process

Versatile Processing Conditions:

With a RotaTherm® system you can optimise the processing conditions of your products by managing the temperature, heating profile, pressure, shear, holding time, de-aeration, cooling, density and viscosity…

How Rotatherm Works - Surface Temp

Surface Temperature Management:

The cooking column, top elbow and rotor are temperature managed to address burn on and contribute to the RotaTherm®’s unique ability to pause.

How Rotatherm Works - Temp Manage

Temperature Management:

Accurate temperature monitoring is provided by Gold Peg™ Reciprocating Temperature Probes.

How Rotatherm Works - Suitable Cooling

Suitable Cooling:

At the end of the process the product is directly cooled and de-aerated by vacuum cooling to a set point, gently cooled indirectly, or in a combination appropriate for the particular product…read more about cooling options.

How Rotatherm Works - Control System

Control System:

The RotaTherm® hardware is operated by a dedicated control system. The Control system is designed, programmed and implemented by Gold Peg and is available in Mitsubishi, Siemens & Allen Bradley.

For a further understanding of how the RotaTherm® Continuous Cooker works go to the Interactive Brochure.

To learn about suitable product explore the applications area of this website.


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