RotaTherm® - direct steam injection Food Processing Systems

How it Works

How it Works

RotaTherm® performance

Fast Heating

The RotaTherm® Direct Steam Injection Continuous Cooker can heat to your aim temperature in approximately 15-20 seconds.

Thorough & effective heat treatment

Once at the required temperature, your product can then be held precisely at the correct heat so that micro-organisms are eliminated in accordance with pasteurisation or sterilisation (UHT) procedures.

Long run times in hygienic enclosed system

Due to superior design, the RotaTherm® continuous cooker is able to operate continuously for 156 hours before full CIP. It can cook to temperatures over 100°C and, importantly, is a totally enclosed hygienic system. This means your product is not exposed to the environment once it has continuously fed into the cooker. The RotaTherm® is provided standard with a CIP system to clean the system on the few occasions you need to!

Here's how the RotaTherm® continuous cooker works

Fast heating & clean product food processing equipment

Fast Heating & Clean Product

Steam is injected through proprietary non-burn jets. The steam is mechanically mixed and fused with the product by a speed-adjustable rotor – evenly heating your product in about 15 seconds.

For a further understanding of how the RotaTherm® continuous cooker works go to the Interactive Brochure.

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