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RotaTherm® - versatile Direct Steam Injection equipment that delivers

The world's leading continuous cooking system

Continuous Cooking - A More Efficient Way To Work

The RotaTherm® Continuous Cooking system is all about introducing greater efficiency into your production process at the same time as delivering exceptional quality product.

This sophisticated piece of industrial cooking and processing equipment is loaded with intelligent thinking and boasts:

  • A capability for non-stop production of up to 156 hours – meaning you get increased productivity and improved yield.
  • Pasteurisation and Sterilization / UHT are achieved through super-efficient even heating –which delivers improved bacteriological results and therefore improvements in product shelf life.
  • Heating energy is directly injected and fused with product – making it an extremely efficient cooking system to run.
  • A super-quick 15-20 seconds to reach its cook set point – meaning reduced processing time.
  • Shorter product exposure to heat treatment – resulting in improved product quality, fresher appearance and flavour, plus a cleaner palate.
  • Versatility – you can easily adjust and set the cook temperature/heating profile/pressure/mechanical working on product.
  • Leading-edge technology that delivers accurately controlled cooking and processing.
  • The capability to produce highly consistent product with a lower formulation cost and better density control.
  • Pause control – so it is possible to interrupt flow without waste or rework.
  • Intelligently designed to require minimal maintenance and have a small physical footprint (1m x 1m).

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