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RotaTherm® Continuous Cooker Range To Match Your Needs

The Direct Steam Injection RotaTherm® Continuous Cooker is available in a various sizes. The range of cookers sizes caters for throughput rates of 150 – 8,000+ kg/hr.
All RotaTherm® cookers can be set up for the following cooking conditions:

The sizing of a RotaTherm® Continuous Cooker depends on your product, production rate and cook temperature requirements (amongst other factors).

Here are a few of our RotaTherm® continuous cookers with their general throughput range:

  • DSI 6J 200 - 800 kg/hr

    DSI 6J

    200 - 800 kg/hr

  • DSI 10J 500 - 3,500 kg/hr

    DSI 10J

    500 - 3,500 kg/hr

  • DSI 20J 3,000 - 8,000 kg/hr

    DSI 20J

    3,000 - 8,000 kg/hr

DSI stands for Direct Steam Injection.                   J stands for the number of DSI Jets.

RotaTherm® Continuous Cookers are supplied with the specifically designed Gold Peg™ control system which is available on a variety of PLC platforms. It can be programmed with various levels of automation - from manual setting to full recipe programming with a green ‘GO’ button.

RotaTherm® cookers are supplied with steam management system (SMS)temperature probes and the required CIP system.

RotaTherm® cookers are the heart of our continuous cooking systems. Here are a few of our current systems:

NEW COMPACT production RotaTherm®

NEW COMPACT production RotaTherm®

Flexible compact production cooking & cooling up to 2,400 kg/hr

NEW LONG RUN Twin RotaTherms

NEW LONG RUN Twin RotaTherms

156 hours long non-stop production

The RotaTherm® CUBE

The RotaTherm® CUBE

Versatile compact cooking & cooling system for production up to 1,000 kg/hr

The Pilot - R&D - RotaTherm® system

The Pilot - R&D - RotaTherm® system

R&D with small batch sizes or Single day production 100 - 350 kg/hr Feed, Cook & Cool

Complete RotaTherm® Processing line

Complete RotaTherm® Processing line

Turn you raw ingredient into cooked product ready for filling with "GO" button automation

Aseptic RotaThem® system

Aseptic RotaThem® system

Maintaining your product's UHT sterility Complete line

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