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Food Product Technology

Food Product Technology

Versatile Direct Steam Injection

The GoldPeg team has a number of world class food technology experts with over 60 years of combined experience in food product development.

We are vastly different to ordinary equipment manufacturers, as we understand food products and how they are affected by the manufacturing process and apply this to our solutions approach.

We understand raw material makeup and finished product requirements with respect to:

  • Functional component – e.g. stabilizers, hydrocolloids, proteins, emulsifiers, acidity regulators, rework
  • Filler – e.g. fat, lactose, water, hydrolyzed components
  • Flavour providers – e.g sugars, enhancers, mature and enzyme modified cheese, fruit, vegetables meat processing
  • Complete formulations
  • Compositional balance
  • Processing parameters of time, temperature, shear/mix, direct and indirect cooling

We provide:

  • Cooking systems designed to meet the operational parameters for individual products and processes
  • Product formulation optimization and cost reduction during commissioning