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Sweet chili sauce! Sounds good?

RotaTherm Continuous cooking system - Chili sauce line How many spring rolls does it take to use 6,000 kg of chili sauce? Hmm. Sounds like a tasty exercise…

What I do know is that the RotaTherm® Continuous cooking system can happily produce 6,000kgHr of sweet chili sauce with the ability to do long non-stop runs of up to 144 hours before stopping for cleaning.

Gold Peg’s sweet chili sauce RotaTherm® continuous production system starts with

RotaTherm - Continuous cooking system - Chili sauce line 1. feeding the ambient (room temperature) chili sauce formulation into

2. a DSI 20 RotaTherm Continuous cooker. The RotaTherm® takes the chili sauce up to the aim temperature in one fast stage, holds it there, then

3. cools using a combination of indirect cooling and vacuum ‘flash’ cooling.

Tell me about your sauce and let’s explore the processing options.

April 10th, 2013|