Flexible direct steam injection continuous cooking systems

The Basics of Continuous Cooking

The Basics of Continuous Cooking

The Basics of Continuous Cooking

Direct Steam Injection Continuous Cooking is highly efficient but it is not for everyone.

A product needs to meet these basic conditions:

  • Be able to pass through a pipe / pump
    (particles in the recipe up to 25mm are acceptable, but not bones or the like)
  • Be able to accept moisture addition during the cooking phase
    (water in upfront recipes is easily adjusted to account for this)
  • The formulation is all blended up front at one time
    (not adding ingredients at different times)

In addition, a production rate of 1,000 kg/h or above is generally required to make the investment viable. The longer your non-stop production run times the better (because the process is continuous by name, continuous by nature!)

However, if you make less than 1,000 kg/hr and your company put a value on quality, then continuous cooking could be for you!

If you are not quality driven and starting out then maybe a batch system is suitable starting point. Check out the intelligently designed FreeTherm batch cooking and processing systems which gives you access to Gold Peg's unique direst steam injection technology.

Then as you grow your batch investment could be repurposed to become part of a continuous cooking line.