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US Patent for Gold Peg's Mozzarella Cooker Stretcher

Gold Peg GPiCS Patent Certificate -190Gold Peg’s Mozzarella GPiCS Cooking invention has been officially recognized with a US Patent.

Gold Peg’s Mozzarella cooker-stretcher; the GPiCS (gee-pics), has been awarded a patent in both the US and Canada. A patent is only given to unique inventions!

The GPiCS (gee-pics) is Gold Peg’s direct steam injection cooker stretcher for Natural Mozzarella / Pasta Filata / String cheese production.

The GPiCS offers the manufacturers the benefits of proven Direct Steam Injection technology (with no big baths of water) and the opportunity to do more with your Mozzarella.

The GPiCS was developed by Gold Peg over many years with independent testing performed by CSIRO, Australia. The GPiCS is installed producing natural mozzarella in multiple countries!

The GPiCS now carries patent number: US 8,875,623

If you are in the mozzarella business, the GPiCS is ready and available for you. Please contact us to discuss your Mozzarella.

December 2nd, 2014|