Flexible direct steam injection continuous cooking systems

We Make It Simple

Processed cheese line example

We Make It Simple

We make the move to a continuous cooking solution simple. The big caveat here is that we can often use the capital equipment you already have, with a bit of reshuffling. If you’re currently using a batch cooker, Gold Peg continuous cooking solutions can:

Alter the purpose of your batch cooker (where it may become your front end for blending only)

Slot in immediately after your existing batch cooker or kettle

Cook your product using multi port Direct Steam Injection (DSI) technology

Retain your existing backend (such an existing filler)

Our food technologists and technicians have well over 50 combined years of successfully moving recipes from batch cooking to more efficient productive continuous processes.

The resulting continuous cooking lines are also highly automated, reducing the drain on human resources.

What about existing equipment?

Gold Peg continuous cooking equipment can slot in and be integrated with your existing equipment, reducing the investment needed to create a continuous cooking line.

While the function of your current equipment might change, it still remains a valuable component of your line (either at the front-end the backend, or both), including retaining your backend (such as existing fillers / packaging lines).

Your batch cookers or kettles can be repurposed to do the blending and the buffering with a RotaTherm® continuous cooker in the middle quickly and efficiently heating your product.

So if you’re currently using batch cookers or kettles, you can often retain and reuse that equipment.

This varies from line to line, but in many cases, Gold Peg’s food continuous cooking equipment can slot in and elevate your existing processing line.