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Who We Work With

The food manufacturers that choose Gold Peg understand that investment in performance equipment delivers cost benefits to their business. This includes immediate performance and operational efficiencies as well as improving market opportunities.

Gold Peg’s clients include global companies with plants in many countries through to leading edge manufacturers with a single or multiple plants.

Listed is the primary focus and production profiles of a few companies we work with:

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    Low production rate with quality focus

    • 500-750 kg/h
    • Highly value quality product
    • Multiple recipes/formulations


    • Cleaner fresher higher quality product with lower ingredients cost
    • Increased product consistency
    • Increased market share
    • Accurate individual processing conditions for each recipe
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    Flexibility and Control

    High production rate with hundreds of individual products and recipes

    • 14,000 kg/h
    • Over 250 recipes
    • High volume filler
    • Fast product change waste minimising


    • Improved quality with more flavoursome products from same or less ingredients
    • Unheard of low waste from product changeover
    • Precise and accurate setting for each recipe
    • Safe, efficient product due to even and fast hygienic heat treatment
    • Increased market share
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    Maximise Productivity

    Long Continuous non-stop Production

    • 7,000 kg/h
    • 156 hours (6.5 days) non stop production control
    • Responsive and flexible process
    • Cost minimising and saving maximising


    • One wash per week - maximising production time
    • Precise processing conditions - minimising costs
    • Huge ingredients savings with higher consistent quality
    • Automation for consistency and efficiency
    • Reduced customer complaints
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    Standardised product with smooth and efficient automated operation

    • 1,500 -3,000 kg/h
    • Automation for efficient and consistent product
    • Improve reputation


    • Consistent higher quality product
    • Increased yield
    • Green 'GO' automation
    • Increased market share
    • Maximised productivity

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